Research Interests: Corporations and Society, Law and Finance, Corporate Governance, Private law, Remedies , Political Economy.

My research focuses on how to better align the interests of business and society. I analyze this in two broad ways. First, I explore the ways in which legal regimes can be used to better align the interests of business and society. Second, I study the effectiveness of extra-legal mechanisms in those cases where legal regimes are absent or ineffective.

Across these projects, I work at the intersection of law, business, and economics. The fundamental questions in each project are drawn from real-world legal and business issues. In seeking to answer these questions, I leverage theoretical, empirical, and experimental tools from finance and economics. While I strive to ensure that my work has firm analytical underpinnings, I also strive to ensure that each paper is accessible by a generalist legal audience so that my research insights can be shared with colleagues, students, and policy makers.


Designing Remedies to Compensate Plaintiffs for Unobservable HarmsAmerican Law and Economics Review, 20(2):460-511, 2018. 

If Not the Index Funds, Then Who?”  Berkeley Business Law Journal,  17(1):44-90, 2020.


“Corporate Liability and Capital Structure.”

“Exploiting Collateral Consequences.”

“Do Corporations Profit from Breaking the Law? Evidence from Environmental Violations.”

“Norm-Based Enforcement of Promises” (with Rebecca Stone and Alexander Stremitzer).